The Inexplicable Attraction


They said that the opposites attract! And so true it turned out to be! Sophisticated young business wizard Arnav Singh Raizada never lived up a little, until Khushi Gupta stole his heart and gave him a peek into real world, and made him realize what he missed in his life. Figuring out a business plan was much easier for him, than winning over the young Hyderabadi middle class girl, who challenged him with her puzzles on Hyderabad, and who along with her childhood buddy Prateek Murthy reeks havoc with his organised life.

Read and enjoy Season 1 of The Inexplicable Attraction between Arnav and Khushi, in their hilarious encounters with Prateek, Anjali, RJ Diwaa and Mallesh Goud the gangster, in typical Hyderabadi Ishtyle!


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