Set of 4 ARSHI fiction


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The Masquerade+ An Evening With U + The Mirage + The Pursuit ( Set of  4 ARSHI fiction)

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The Masquerade

The story of a research scholar and horticulturist who steps in as a model in the last minute to save her designer brother, from bankruptcy and gets mock auctioned to a tough deal master who wants much more than a dinner date. A romantic short story of how we deal with our insecurities and win over ourselves eventually.

An Evening with U

Khushi Marwah who helps her brother in running his restaurant by waiting tables, lives a dream of an evening with her childhood crush the stinking rich Arnav Sayan Wadera by feigning as a socialite Maya Vanra, only to be sucked into his deal of vengeance and payback! Will Khushi be able to reach out to Arnav? OR would an evening with him cost her, her life?

The Mirage

A romantic story set in the deserts of Rajasthan in the backdrop of the legendary SheeshMahal with its secrets, stories and splendour. Business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada marries Khushi Kumariji Bhanu Prathap Singhji Jethwa, hoping to salvage his sister’s marriage, but gets entangled into the sinister web cast by Liquor baron Bhairav Singh Chandi…little does he know that his wife is the crowned princess of the amalgamation of western provinces of Gujarat and Rajasthan with the political clout to even shake the seat at Delhi.

The Pursuit With Epilogue

Aranv Singh Raizada pursues his wife Khushi, who refuses to be with him, fearing a political vendetta by her enemies. The story is about how Arnav Singh Raizada woes Khushi Jethwa while lawyer Deepthimaan Singh Rathore- a childhood buddy of Khushi, stands between the couple and death fighting against the powerful political nexus to save their lives, and their motherland from falling into the hands of selfish politicians.

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