Destiny U&ME (18+)

Red Hot Romance

He had loved her always! Life played the villain as she chose differently. Just when he was about to come to terms with life without her, destiny put her in his lap. Will he be ever able to tell her he loved her? Would she accept his love and make her home with him? Read how Kunwar Thakur Deepthimaan Singh ji Rathore, fights Destiny to wrest Khushi Kumari ji Jethwa away!

An intense and passionate love story of how two people walk towards their love by walking away from eachother.


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Has anyone ever known when the shackles of the ice cold winter

gave way to a splendid spring?

Did anyone know when the first leaf of the beginning of life germinated

…after a frozen dormancy?

Do you know when the earth melted from the frigid ice-cold mass of dead white to the wonderful vibrant spring

that reflected the hues of life in its wake?

Did anyone see when the season changed and winter passed through spring

to bright summer?

Did anyone notice a battered heart transform from an empty shell to an overflowing fountain of love!

Has anyone ever seen the miracle,

of the first streak of dawn at midnight?

Can you see the power of a loving heart that can paint

the glorious mornings to come on the heavy lashes overcome by sleep ?

Have you seen the impossible union of the sky and the earth…?

Could any one fathom a wonderful bridge between two souls that none comprehends?

Do you know the language of Destiny that appears very decipherable to us yet is alien as its invisible to the human eye?

And that which conveys without any utterance?

Did anyone actually read the wedding card that was written by Destiny with the sweet ink of pure love much before it all began?


Did Anyone Ever Imagine Destiny which had YOU & ME

in it?

Destiny U&ME


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