Chasing The Rainbow Part-1 & Part-2


Chasing The Rainbow Part-1 + Chasing The Rainbow Part-2

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Chasing The Rainbow Part-1

Khushi Sharma is just not an assistant at the Corporal, but a walking talking enigma to the owner and the Prince of Mehrangarh- Kunwar Deepthimaan Singh ji Rathore, who nevertheless cannot stop himself from wanting her.

Chasing The Rainbow Part-2

She was there in him as the breath that he inhaled and exhaled…
She was present in every thought of his…
She was the darkness in his shadow…
She was in his every mood and…
She was there with him as a dream…
She was his! But where was she?
Why was she not with him!
His love! His life! His destiny! Why did she never think for him…

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