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Chasing The Rainbow Part-1

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)


Red Hot Romance

Khushi Sharma is just not an assistant at the Corporal, but a walking talking enigma to the owner and the Prince of Mehrangarh- Kunwar Deepthimaan Singh ji Rathore, who nevertheless cannot stop himself from wanting her.

She has a secret! She is the secret! How could she prevent herself from falling for the man who was her dream come true yet spelt the end of her sane world.

Read the first part of the red-hot romance of the Destiny Series, where Deepthimaan and Khushi walk against destiny and towards each other.

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1 review for Chasing The Rainbow Part-1

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    "She has a secret, she is the secret"
    She is being haunted by a horrific past .True to its tagline the protagonist has a deeply

    guarded secret and keeps running from her past towards a promising future ,towards her destiny.

    Deepthimaan Singh Rathore a prince by birth with a royal bearing and a career in law. Khushi

    Sharma, a working class beauty working for the Corporal..

    Opposites in every way Deepthimaan and Khushi are from different worlds.. Their story gives the

    perfect mix of suspense and romance.The story is heavy on the suspense keeping the readers in a

    guessing game but it also has a lovely slow developing romance which sizzles whenever these two

    are together.

    Deepthimaan is intrigued by the mystery that surrounds her as she is very secretive and her

    changing behaviours makes him wonder if she wears a mask to cover her true self. His family

    though very rich are down to earth people and very approving of khushi.

    They have a unique connection which is so palpable and can be seen by everyone around but

    themselves. As he realises his love for her and cant stay away all hell breaks loose when he

    gets to know of her past.

    Chasing the Rainbow is a definitely a keeper as i am a big fan of suspense and romance stories. It made me wanting to know more about what happens further in their lives and if she will be able to get over her past. Will Maan succeed erasing her fears and conquer his love is what the readers will have to wait and watch.

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