Goldenhaze- the name symbolizes a very prolific writer. A professor in business by profession but a magician with words!

A weaver of dreams, stories and characters which embed in your psyche, your life. Goldenhaze makes them come alive so that we feel what they feel. An extremely versatile writer, Goldenhaze literally leaves her readers dazed with the sheer variety of her work be it romance, intrigue, thriller, comedy, drama, period drama, paranormal, historical.

The perfection and thoroughness in her description of locales and interiors is spellbinding. One thing is guranteed though. You as a reader will be a forever part of the family of her loyal true fast readers who will feel their lives enriched by her stories and characters! Take a leap of faith darlings and you will never regret or forget!

As written by Goldenhazian Sarita Saigal

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